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Install Window A/C Support Bracket In Just A Few Steps

Install Window A/C Support Bracket In Just A Few Steps

April is comming, just as the weather began to trun hot, it is time to set up your air conditioner before it is too late.

Window air conditioners should be the best option, they are efficient, tidy and economical. To set up a window A/C is easy, for regualr size room, you may only need a window a/c with small BTU(5000 BTU), and it  can be set up in just a few miniutes without extra supporting. If you have a large room or you would like to enjoy fast cooling, then you need an A/C unit with large cooling capacity. For a large unit, it is necessory to have extra support to keep your A/C unit and the surrounding area save.

Installation Guide

Many people may think it diffuilt to install a window ac support bracket, instead, they spend extra money (extra $50 or more) for a special design bracket, or hire an expert to do the job.

Here below in the video, we show you step by step on how to install a most comment type window a/c support bracket. 


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