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EVA Rubber Pads

Getting tired of that annoing noise from the air conditioner while you are trying to get some sleep?

LBG Products Rubber-EVA is designed to absorb vibration, reduce noice and protect your air conditioner.


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Widely Application

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Strong Materials

Made of High Strength Rubber and blue EVA center material, which is structurally more sound than cork, no more affected by oils or chemical; more effective at vibration dampening than solid rubber.

LBG Products Anti-Vibration Rubber-EVA Isolator Pads 4''x4''

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-Anti Vibration: 4 pack of anti vibration rubber EVA pads can absorb a large amount of mechanical vibration, reduce the noise caused by vibration, it is a wonderful isolator.
-Loading Capacity: Indoor or outdoor rated,60 PSI max load, 960lbs per pad max.
-Strong Quality: Anti-Vibration Rubber-EVA Pads is made of high strength rubber and blue EVA. In terms of anti-vibration, EVA performs better than cork and solid rubber. EVA is not affected by oil or chemicals, and the anti-vibration effect is more stable.
-Widely Application: The pad is designed to resist vibration and noise of heavy duty mini split heat pumps, air compressor, stereo equipment, harvester, generator, water pumps, washer and dryer machine.

The size is 4"×4", 6"×6", 3"×3"

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